Cost plan for the different fertility treatment options

Fertility treatment is subsidised by the statutory health insurance. Requirements according to the guidelines for fertility treatments include:

1. The couple is married  
2. Both partners are at least 25 years old  
3. The woman has not reached the age of 40  
4. The man has not reached the age of 50 years  


The own contribution of the EBM (Uniform Rating Scale)

1. Insemination without hormone stimulation: 87,64 €
2. Insemination with hormone stimulation: 110.34 €
3. IVF therapy: 570,76 €
4. ICSI therapy: 748,45 €


There are also costs for hormone therapy in the amount of 30 - 1000 €, depending on the respective conditions and the form of therapy, as well as costs for the anaesthesia (approx. €50).

For privately insured patients, we create an individual cost plan according to the GOÄ (fee schedule for doctors).

If the partner, who is the main cause, has private insurance, an application for complete reimbursement of the health insurance can be made. For more information, please contact us.