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Diagnostics and therapy

When Fertility Becomes a Concern ...

Possible causes of unwanted childlessness

The causes for unwanted childlessness are diverse, and only rarely are they caused by actual diseases such as diabetes or another metabolic disorder. Of course, personal life circumstances like stress, smoking, and obesity can also have an influence on your chances of becoming pregnant.

Both partners combined control around 80 % of the factors that make becoming pregnant more difficult. Sometimes, multiple smaller problems can add up to something big...

Treatment methods

Finding the Right Method...

The causes of unwanted childlessness are highly individual. This means, of course, that multiple types of therapy are available as well.

All of the treatment options our center offers incorporate the newest available scientific discoveries.

We always work with you to select a therapy option personally adapted to your needs.

This selection is based not only on medical recommendations, but also on your ideas and your vision. The following sections will introduce you to some of these options.