Love knows no boundaries

Love knows no boundaries

Same-sex women have been penalised for decades compared to the classic couple model (man / woman).

After many women had to choose the uncertain route abroad, the legislator has now created the legal conditions for the use of donor sperm.

Despite the legal clarification, the use of donor sperm is only possible in very few federal states, such as Berlin.

We cooperate with many well-known sperm banks and of course offer not only comprehensive diagnostics but also the appropriate therapies, such as inseminations or in vitro fertilisation (IVF or ICSI). The decision on the type of treatment depends on the findings, such as the tubal potency, the oocyte reserve or the biological age of the egg.

Ceres works with sperm banks in Germany and the European Sperm Bank.

Frequently asked questions

  1. Does our health insurance cover the costs of a treatment? The costs for a fertility treatment with donor sperm must be borne by yourself. A detailed cost plan is prepared in advance; the costs are billed transparently according to the fee schedule for doctors (GOÄ).
  2. We are married - does the health insurance fund - as in heterosexual couples - contribute to the costs of fertility treatment? As soon as donor sperm are used, the health insurances do not participate in the costs of fertility treatment.
  3. Is legal advice useful before starting treatment? In the fertility clinic Ceres, an appointment with a lawyer is obligatory BEFORE beginning treatment.


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