Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator

Patients with a normal body mass index (BMI, between 20 and 26) have an up to 10% higher chance of becoming pregnant after receiving fertility treatment.

A high BMI can be just as disadvantageous as a BMI under 20.

There is disagreement about the specific power of the calculated BMI value. Especially because the entire body mass is simply used and there is no distinction between muscle and fatty tissue. So trained people have a higher body mass index.

Nonetheless, the BMI provides an easily determinable guideline for the body fat percentage.

Meaning (according to WHO):

BMI Value Meaning
under 19


19 to 25 normal weight
25 to 30 overweight
30 to 35 obesity grade 1
35 to 40 obesity grade 2
From 40 obesity grade 3

Meaning (after NRC 1989):

Age BMI normal weight
19–24 19–24
25–34 20–25
35–44 21–26
45–54 22–27
55–64 23–28
Ab 65 24–29

Calculation of the BMI value:

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Calculate BMI based on height and weight:

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Calculate target weight based on height and desired BMI:

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