Certified security

Ceres Kinderwunschzentrum Berlin works strictly according to the rules of modern, medical quality management. The procedures in our practice, such as the work in the laboratory or the handling of personal data is precisely defined and certified according to the quality management of Qualitätsmanagement der DIN EN ISO 9001 .

The commitment to a quality philosophy in our practice brings fundamental benefits to our patients that we would like to explain to you.

Quality philosophy

As doctors and practice owners, it is a special concern for us to provide patients with fast, modern and economically high-quality medical care through practice management. With our own practice laboratory, we want to achieve this goal with the highest degree of responsibility and to have satisfied patients.

At the forefront of all activities is the principle: error prevention before error correction. All measures that underlie the quality management system serve this purpose. Care is taken that all valid instructions are followed.

Flexibility and service are two key aspects of our philosophy. We take into account the specific medical conditions and all legally permitted and medically reasonable wishes of our patients. Our service is also characterised by the fact that we respond quickly to the concerns and wishes of our patients and are constantly present in emergencies.

The practice is committed to high quality guidelines for the benefit of patients and staff. Common goals are: Highest possible patient and staff satisfaction with the best medical, scientific and business administration as well as well organised practice design. Together, all practitioners in our practice are committed to the CIP (Continuous Improvement Process).

The documentation in practice must be excellent, constant checks are mandatory and a constant questioning of what we are doing is absolutely necessary. Only in this way can continuous improvement occur.

Employers commit themselves to the practice objective of designing a gynaecological practice with a focus on fertility treatments and above all high quality, so that the patients and employees feel very comfortable and recommend us.

Furthermore, diligence, dedication, initiative, thinking along, as well as the improvements constantly worked up by all employees should advance the practice development. The entire development as well as the corporate culture should be constantly improved and further developed both by the entire practice team as well as by the patient surveys and by externally consulted quality inspectors.

  1. Environmental Protection

The concerns of the environmental protection takes in all our considerations and activities special attention. From purchasing to disposal, we pay attention to environmentally friendly behaviour.