Causes for Male Infertility I

In men, the primary concern is sperm cell quality.

This can be determined using a semen analysis (spermiogram).

We recommend practicing sexual abstinence for three to five days before giving a sample:

Primary concerns of the analysis:

  1. The number of sperm cells
  2. The ability of sperm cells to move (motility)
  3. The appearance of the sperm cells (morphology)

Besides this analysis, other examinations may be needed such as analyzing long-term motility, the possibility of concentrating sperm cells for an insemination, and completing a hormone analysis.

Special Analyses:

  • MSOME semen analysis
  • Determination of DFI
Anatomie der mänlichen Geschlechtsorgane
Anatomie der mänlichen Geschlechtsorgane

Causes for Male Infertility II

For several years, we have also been the first fertility center in Berlin/Brandenburg to offer two innovative special analyses:

MSOME semen analysis (Motile Sperm Organelle Morphology Examination)

Instead of the normal 400x magnification, we can use our specialized IMSI microscope to achieve a 6,600x magnification in order to discover anomalies and textures on sperm that could not be seen during a normal spermiogram. Based on our discoveries, we can avoid unnecessary treatments like timing sexual activity, insemination, or IVF, which can save you time, unnecessary disappointment, and costs.

Determining the DFI (DNA – Fragmentation Index)

It is known that sperm whose DNA is fragmented – meaning it displays strand breakage – can lead to lower fertility rates, poorer embryo development, and increased rates of miscarriage.

Determining the DFI can therefore be helpful in selecting treatment options.